Simucube mount

  • 899 kr

Simucube rattbasfäste. Passar speciellt för Simucube 2 men även andra DD rattbaser.


Simucube rattbasfäste. Passar till  Simucube 2, men även andra DD rattbaser.

Simucube Mount is specially designed for Simucube 2 and other front-mounted Direct Drive wheelbases, offering racers the basic needs to get racing as easy as possible, with Simucube quality. With the adjustable design and ease of installation, the Simucube Mount facilitates multiple deck-mounting options compatible with most rigs and their existing mounting holes on the market today.
The Simucube Mount enables a 20° degree tilt angle for Simucube 2 Sport and Pro wheelbases and the maximum of 12.5° degree tilt angle for the Simucube 2 Ultimate wheelbase, if the rear of the Ultimate wheelbase touches the surface. Adjusting the tilt angle is quick and straightforward with screws included in the package. Find the list of screws included in the package below.
Made of a 3mm wide steel plate, the Simucube Mount is unbendable. During the development of the Simucube Mount it has gone through rigorous evaluation process and passed even the highest torque and force-demanding tests with flying colors. As a finishing touch, the Simucube Mount has been coated with industrial quality paint, iconic to Simucube brand.

OBS! Enbart fästet, ej själva rattbasen.

Maximum height 185mm, minimum height 155mm, width 164mm, depth 128mm
Net weight 1,3kg

Maximum of 20° degree tilt angle (Simucube 2 Sport & Pro)

Maximum of 12.5° degree*) tilt angle (Simucube 2 Ultimate)

*) if the rear of the Ultimate wheelbase touches the surface
3mm steel plate
78.4mm x 66mm hole pattern is compatible with many readily available deck mount

Screws included in the package:

  • 4x M5x10 button head
  • 4x M5 washer
  • 4x M8x25 button head
  • 4x M8 washer
  • 4x M8 nyloc nut
  • 4x M6x12 cap head screw
  • 4x M6 washer