Simlab Caster Wheels till rigg

  • 249 kr

Hjul passande Sim-Lab rigg. 4st hjul i paket, 2 har broms.


Paket om 4 st rullhjul för rigg. Låsning på 2st av hjulen. 

Industrial grade caster wheels. Housing made of galvanized steel. Trunnion with double ball ring. Wheel core made of polypropylene with polyurethane thread.

Wheel diameter: 50 mm

Tire width: 20 mm

Bolt hole: 10,5 mm

Projection: 20 mm

Height: 68 mm

Capacity: 40kg per wheel

Sold in a set of four, two of which have breaks. Fasteners included. For heavier rigs/drivers, two sets are recommended.