Asetek Forte S-Serie

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Pedalerna för den som verkligen inte nöjer med annat än det bästa! Ta din racing till en ny nivå!


Forte®S Series Brake and ThrottleThe Forte S Series Brake and Throttle are the Forte Sim Racing Brake and Throttle, as you know them–justseparated.This version of theInvictaSim Racing Pedals allows you to decide and adjust the distance between thethrottle and brake. This feature gives you the opportunity to design your sim racing setup to suit your exactpreferences. Connectible by using just a single cable.If you have been looking for the best race car brake pedal feel without going full hydraulic, look no further!The brake pedal on the Forte pedal set can be adjusted from soft to hard, and it will stay that way.TheAsetekSimSportsM.L.C.P.C (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder) brake cylinder gives you, shy of afull hydraulic system, an authentic race car driving experience. The sim racing pedal set is in every senseMade in Denmark–designed, engineered, and assembled in Denmark.The brake cylinder featuresa custom-designed load cell sensor that detects actual changes in force on thepedal face, up to 180 kg of force on the pedal face itself (with hardest elastomer 4000N depressed 12mm /until 2nd stage is engaged), making it the closest you will come to a realistic brake experience.Because the load cell sensor is implemented with a gearing, any user using from the softest elastomer tothe hardest elastomer will experience the full load cell resolution from released pedal to 2nd stage.The Forte SSeries Brake and Throttle are engineered with user experience in mind. All adjustable elementsare colored to get you started quickly and ensure intuitive and mostly toolless use. The Forte Sim Pedals arehighly adjustable to help you channel your inner race car driver by changing the travel and hardnesssettings to your exact preference.And together with theAsetekSimSportsRaceHub™ software and the freedom to decide the distancebetween the pedals, you have almost unlimited opportunities to create aunique and personal sim racingsetup.The Forte S Series Brake and Throttle are compatible with theInvictaClutch System

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