Simucube 2 Sport

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Rattbas för den som söker det bästa på marknaden. Denna rattbas ger en otrolig finkänsla med 17NM.

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Leverantör: SIMUCUBE

Köp även till SC2 SQR Wheel Side Quick Release och rattfäste Sim-Lab mount eller Simucube mount. Välj till i menyn.

Nya version R2 med 1 nätaggregat.

Simucube 2 Sport wheelbase puts its driver ahead of any non-direct drive racer with a huge margin. High-end Direct Drive wheelbase not only gives an undeniable competitive advantage but also puts a massive grin on the diver's face from the sheer joy of racing.

Sport comes with 17 Nm of direct drive torque and comes with the major Simucube 2 benefits. Sport’s serious amount of Newton meters are well above the threshold to put adrenaline pumping in driver’s veins. Sport has comparable responsiveness and performance of the top-end models of world-famous Simucube 1.

Including SC2 Sport wheel base, power supply, cables, standard external Stop button.

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