Sim-Lab Team Redline TR1 Chassis

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Team redline TR1 rigg med wheeldeck. Samma rigg i övrigt som GT2.

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Team redline TR1 rigg med wheeldeck. Samma rigg i övrigt som GT2.

Introducing the Team Redline TR1 chassis! An evolution on the GT2 chassis, where the GT2 emphasized a compact setup for Servo Drive Wheels, the TR1 focuses on compatibility and ease of use. The re-designed wheel-deck has been extended making getting in and out easier. The Pedal deck is manufactured from a single sheet of thick 5 mm aluminium with the folds giving it structural integrity to handle the forces that are generated by braking. Also, the pedal deck can be mounted in a different position and the angle is adjustable. The wheel-deck also can be tilted with the 2 levers on the side. The wheel-deck pre-cut mounting patterns cover all wheel setups from Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitech. The same counts for the pedal deck, with additional pre-cut holes for mounting Heusinkveld Pro Pedals.

The 40-series slot 8 mm anodized profiles create an extremely flexible base for mounting and adjusting the rig to anyone’s liking. With the slots running on all sides of the profile, adjusting upright and seat position can be easily be done.

OBS! Stol, stolfästen, hällplatta, fästen, side mount ingår ej. Köp till i shopen!

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