Sim-Lab GT2 Sim Racing Cockpit

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GT2 rigg från Simlab. Byggd för att ha nollflex och utså påfrestningarna från direct drive rattbasar.

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GT2 Simlab rigg med direct drive fäste. 

The GT2 is our most accessible cockpit dedicated to facilitating direct drive wheel without flex.

The original GT2 cockpit is back and improved! It features the small form-factor footprint, but feels everything but small when sitting in it. With the inclined uprights getting in and out of the GT2 is easy. The Front mount is now made of 15 mm thick aluminium and features slots to mount anything you would like. The pedal tray section is made of aluminium profiles which makes it versatile to house any pedals, of the shelf sets or custom made. 

The 40-series slot 8 mm anodized profiles create an extremely flexible base for mounting and adjusting the rig to anyone’s liking. With the slots running on all side of the profile, adjusting upright and seat position can be easily be done.

OBS! Stol, stolfästen, hällplatta, fästen, side mount ingår ej. Köp till i shopen!

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