Sim-Lab Fanatec DD Podium monteringsfäste

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Passande Simlab GT1 EVO och P1X Sim-Lab riggar. OBS PRODUKTEN ÄR I SVART UTFÖRANDE.

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Leverantör: SIMLAB

Passande Simlab GT1 EVO och P1X Sim-Lab riggar.


This Fanatec podium mounting bracket is used to side-mount the DD1 or DD1 Fanatec podium drive wheel to your aluminium profile (8020) cockpit. The slotted holes making it possible to tilt the Podium wheel. Additionally the upright mounting plates this possible as well.


  • 480mm - compatible with GT-1 EVO Old version pre-2020
  • 500mm - compatible with GT-1 EVO New version shipped in 2020
  • 600mm - compatible with old GT1, P1-X and P1 cockpits.


Fanatec DD Podium Mounting bracket is not compatible with GT1 EVO screen holder.

OBS! endast fäste, se exempel på montering på bilden.