Asetek Invicta koppling

  • 3 695 kr

Kopplingspedal den som verkligen inte nöjer med annat än det bästa! Ta din simracing till en ny nivå!


Nya Asetek SimSports Invicta kopplingspedal.

Pedalerna för dig som inte nöjer dig med annat än det bästa. Kopplingspedalen kan endast kopplas till Invicta eller Forte pedaler. Fungerar inte separat.

The Invicta clutch was designed and tested rigorously during development to ensure that the racer will feel a realistic bite point when shifting gears in the racing simulator. The fierce spring load gives you a realistic and slamming rebound, and a feeling of true engagement exactly like you will feel from the slave cylinder and clutch release bearing in a real race car.

The intuitive design allows for easy adjustment of force and a mechanical change of pedal curves. Mapping out the curve to your needs gives you the engagement that ensures the best clutch performance for your needs. The Invicta clutch will help you gain all-important milliseconds while shifting.

This product is only compatible with the Invicta Brake & Throttle – not as a stand-alone product.