Asetek Forte

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Loadcell pedaler som ger en otroligt bra känsla. Funkar med Invicta kopplingspedal.

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Asetek Forte pedaler.

Load cell pedaler gas och broms. Komplettera med Invicta kopplingspedal
Kompatibel med PC.

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Inspired by real-life racing standards, the Forte™ Sim Racing Pedal set has been thoroughly tested by racers and sim racers alike. With that feedback in mind, the pedals are engineered and designed. The M.L.C.P.C.™ (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder) brake cylinder is designed to give you a realistic brake experience and is rigorously tested with up to 180 kg pedal force.

If you have been looking for the best race car brake pedal feel, without going full hydraulic, look no further! The brake pedal on the Forte pedal set can be adjusted from soft to hard and it will stay that way – unlike many other sim racing pedals on the market, where the hardness and feel will degrade over time. It is not a coincidence a race driver wants a brake pedal, when fully depressed, feels like pushing a wall. Furthermore, Forte, while not hydraulic, will still offer you the “hydraulic sensation” of a fully depressed brake pedal, where you can still pressure modulate/trail brake thanks to the 2-stage system inspired Invicta, In real life, it will feel like the brake pedal when pressed 100% and hard, still will react to further pressure like when trying to compress the fluid in a brake system.

The design is engineered with user experience in mind, where all adjustable elements are colored to get you started quickly, and to ensure intuitive and mostly toolless use. The Forte sim pedals are highly adjustable to help you channel your inner race car driver, by changing the travel and hardness settings to your exact preference. And by using the Asetek SimSports RaceHub™ software, you’re ready to race in no time.

The Asetek SimSports™ M.L.C.P.C (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder) brake cylinder gives you, shy of a full hydraulic system, an authentic race car driving experience. The pedal set is in every sense Made in Denmark – designed, engineered, and assembled in Denmark. The brake cylinder features a load cell sensor (up to 180 kg of pedal force) detecting actual changes in force on the pedal plate, which makes it the closest you will come to a realistic brake experience.

Forte™ Pedals Brake and Throttle are compatible with the Invicta™ Clutch System. Forte Pedal plate for the clutch is included when you buy the Forte Pedal