Simagic TB1 Handbroms

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Nya Simagic TB1 Handbroms


Populära Simagic TB1 Handbroms!

  • CNC machined Aluminum body, for maximum resistance and longevity.
  • Experience the sensation of a real handbrake thanks to the innovative 2-stage system patented by Simagic.
  • Quickly adjust the feeling thanks to the different high-durability elastomers.
  • Switch between the two positions of the Simagic TB-1 with the integrated Dual Switch.
  • You’ll be able to switch from the feeling of a roadcar to that of a race car instantly.
  • Take full advantage of the incredible precision of the new-generation 100kg load cell.
  • Compatible with every sim racing rig thanks to its universal fixing system
  • 100% Plug & Play, no additional procedures required.
  • Customize the response curve within the Simagic ecosystem software. The ideal solution for every sim racer who loves customizing their experience.
  • Dimensions: 350mm (height) x 180m (width) x 66mm (depth)