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La Prima koppling som passar till La Prima gas och broms.


La Prima koppling som passar till La Prima gas och broms.

The La Prima Clutch System paves the way for manual gear shifting, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite racing types where a clutch is essential for an authentic racing experience. 

The La Prima Clutch System slides directly onto all Asetek SimSports Pedals with the tightening of two screws and a small electrical connector. With this, you can easily transform your racing simulator from automatic to manual clutch in just a few steps. 

The Clutch System is only compatible with Asetek SimSports® Sim Racing Pedals.

At Asetek SimSports, we aim to lead the industry – not only in quality but also in innovation. Our goal is to transform the way you acquire, use, and upgrade your sim racing hardware, providing a future-proof platform that facilitates simple and easy upgrades for your hardware whenever you need it.

This platform philosophy not only benefits you and us but, most importantly, contributes to environmental sustainability by promoting the reuse of existing products and minimizing waste.  

You simply buy your preferred upgrade kit, and all you pay for is the upgrade kit itself.

Therefore, if you choose to purchase the La Prima Clutch System, you are investing in a platform. This means that if you later decide to upgrade to the Invicta Clutch System, you can simply buy an upgrade kit, and your payment covers only the cost of the upgrade itself.