Asetek La Prima Formula Ratt Sommarkampanj!

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Instegsmodellen La Prima är en perfekt ratt för den kräsne!


Asetek Sommarkampanj!
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  • Clutch Paddles
  • Magnetic Input Paddles
  • XL Handles
  • Button Label Stickers
  • Orange Buttons (Encoder + 7-way)
  • Wall Mount
  • Color Kit
  • LMP Handles
  • Regular Handles With Suede

Instegsmodellen La Prima är en perfekt ratt för den kräsne!

Drawing inspiration from real-life racing experience, the La Prima Formula Steering Wheel is designed for performance.

Through our RaceHub software, you can effortlessly personalize and map all buttons, switches, encoders, and paddles to create your customized steering wheel, paving the way for your future success.

To reinforce the overall anti-flex and create a proper interface for the removable handles, the chassis features a metal spider interface. This guarantees a rigid, non-flexing steering wheel that allows you to change handles over time, ensuring the wheel always suits your needs perfectly.


The La Prima Wheel features 12 push buttons, two 7-way kinky switches, three rotary encoders, and two thumb encoders, you get optimal control of your desired settings. All buttons, switches and rotaries are of the highest quality standards and fully tested and validated in our automated button testing machines to ensure years and years of reliable daily use. The backside features two contactless magnetic shifter paddles, for fast and seamless gear shifts.

It also features 15 fully customizable aRGB LED rev lights – allowing you to not only customize the look of your steering wheel, but also help you make those split-second gear shifts that can make the difference between success and failure. LEDs can, of course, be adjusted, dimmed, and color customized in RaceHub™. 

The ergonomic handles are made with a soft, comfortable, and durable silicone rubber that ensures ease of cleaning and disinfection. Whether you race with gloves or not, these handles provide ultimate comfort and control every time you grab the wheel. You also have the option to easily change the handles to quickly implement future upgrades to color, size, shape and hardness.